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What is Marketing Live TV

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What is Marketing Live TV?

Marketing Live TV is Real-life Marketing… Live and Interactive
Marketing Live TV is a live stream / webcast about marketing where viewers can watch and interact live. It is live and interactive Marketing-Reality-TV. You can watch and guide the direction of real-life marketing campaigns by engaging throughout the show. It could be that you are interested in marketing and want to learn more. In addition you may want your business or Marketing Team to be featured on the show. This video outlines what the concept of Marketing Live TV is all about. If you like it remember to subscribe and connect. Know someone else interested, share the link, video or details, they could be featured on the show.

Marketing Live TV

  1. Show is about Marketing where campaigns and marketing activity is created live.
  2. Live and Interactive – realtime feedback on the show and marketing campaign.
  3. Allows pre-marketing campaign deployment feedback.
  4. Results are tracked and presented in the following shows.

Feature on Marketing Live TV

Want to have your business, brand, marketing team or event recorded live and feature on Marketing Live TV? Marketing Live TV is a platform where we can promote you, your product, service or brand to people interested in marketing. Interested?
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Links and details from the Marketing Live TV show:
Live Stream Equipment:
– iPhones (ebay):
– iPads (ebay):
– Rode Audio (ebay):
– Other Equipment (Camera House):

– Project Management (Teamwork):

ENGAGE: Share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.