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Benefits of Live Streaming your Event

Want to have your Event Livestream on Facebook, YouTube and Periscope? Marketing Live TV can Livestream your event and provide the recorded event livestream for your use? We have one of the easiest setup systems in the world and can be totally remote, in any location, and with an extremely low equipment footprint, your event can run and be livestream no interference. Marketing Live TV provides the systems, technical expertise and platform where you can promote your event to the world.

The benefits of Livestreaming your Event with Marketing Live TV:

  1. Increased Reach and Brand Awareness
  2. Recording of your event
  3. Access to technical expertise - without the cost

We know you want something tangible, so this is what you get when you have your Event Livestream with Marketing Live TV: 

  1. Dedicated recording of the Event Live stream
  2. Inclusion in Weekly Live Show
    1. Presenter Mention - Highlight you or your product throughout the Weekly Live Show.
    2. Credits - Feature in ending credits including; Logo, name & product.
    3. Video Card linking to your site.
  3. Featured Channel & Video
    1. Featured Channel - Your youtube channel can be added to featured channel on the Marketing Live TV Livestream Channel.
    2. Liked Video - Youtube Event Live Stream video added to video playlist and distributed on Youtube and Marketing Live TV website.
  4. Web Links
    1. Website link - Direct link back to your website with tracking of your choice including; Logo, 200 words about you, feature image or video.
    2. Post links - Direct links back to you from video post on Marketing Live TV.
  5. Social
    1. Dedicated Post - Seperate individual post to all marketing Live TV Social Channels promoting the livestream, including image design.
    2. Video Posts - Comment and links in the content area of all videos posted where you are featured.
  6. Report with traffic and engagement results.

If you would like more information on Event Live Stream with Marketing Live TV via the form or email info@marketinglive.tv.

Where you can Feature on Marketing Live TV

Weekly Live Show

The Weekly Live Show is a webcast/broadcast live every Wednesday 8:30pm (AEST). The show includes segments on actual campaign development, trends, interviews, agency competitions and more. Watch and interact live and guide the direction of real life campaigns through your polls and comments. Then watch the following week for the results.

Live Marketing

Live Marketing broadcasts are where we come into a company or business and viewers can see the actual marketing team working in real life. This is a great opportunity for companies to get exposure as well as get live interaction and feedback on their marketing campaigns. Viewers can ask questions and engage with the brand live as the campaign is being developed.

Live Events

Marketing Live TV Live Events are where we broadcast live from marketing events showing you the latest in marketing technologies, trends, guides and more. Live interviews, behind the scenes and attendee insights are all features. A great option as extra exposure for your event without the need to arrange all of the technology, and ideal for those with busy lives that can’t make it to a specific event.